LED Necklace Rechargeable Red 40-50cm PX1 Hilox

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Hilox PX1 LED necklace, safe and fun!

Do you like to ride your buddy but can not see him / her in the dark? Then this light-emitting red LED 50cm necklace is the result for your dog! The PX1 is available in various sizes and colors and also made of super-strong Nylon material. The collars can carry a tensile strength of +/- 100kg , so your dog does not have to wear them next to the regular collar.


The PX1 collars are designed to cope with a blast and a rain shower, this 50cm red LED necklace is ip65 waterproof. Because of the charging point of the Led collar in the collar, you can rest assured that your partner is in the rain.

Rechargeable Battery

The Hilox PX1 LED necklace comes with a rechargeable battery and USB charger. You can easily charge the LED necklace to your PC, laptop or phone charger and you do not have to replace batteries. The charging time is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes and when the charging is complete, the red LEDs will go out of the neckband. In this way, you always know when the battery is full again, handy anyway? When the necklace is fully loaded, you can follow your animal again in the dark for about 4 to 5 hours .

Hilox High Power LEDs

In this PX1 LED necklace there are 2 glass fiber tubes with 2 high power LEDs. The tubes make the red light shine through the collar and make the tire bright.
Are you going for Happy red? Forrest green? Cool blue? Bikkel orange? Tough pink? Of Fun multicolor (PX1M)? The PX1 necklaces are a real success for you and your dog!

The PX1 has 3 modes:

  • On, the LEDs burn continuously
  • Flashing fast
  • Slow blinking


Does your four-legger have a neck circumference of 40 to 50 cm? Then this beautiful necklace always fits.

Do not you know what size you need? Then you can simply measure the necklace that the dog wears. Does your dog now not have a regular necklace? Then you can measure the perimeter of the neck, making sure that you hold at least 2 fingers at the bottom (then the tire is definitely not too tight).

Recommended by dog ​​behaviorist Anniek Winters

In cooperation with the Dutch dog follower, Hilox has perfected the LED collars, which means that Anniek is also a big fan of our super cool and safe LED collar


More Information
Warranty1 jaar carry-in-garantie
Type halsbandPX1
In the box1 x 50cm led necklace Red - PX1 Hilox
1 x USB charger
Kleur ledRood
Kleur bandZwart
Soort BatterijOplaadbaar met USB
Materiaal halsbandGeweven Nylon
Maat 40-50cm (L)
Bescherming halsbandSpatwaterdicht
Lifetime30.000 uur