American Research: headlight quality and safety of all manufacturers

Research headlights results

If you buy a new car, you expect the headlights to be of good quality and they provide you with a good light beam, so you’ll see enough in the dark to drive from A to B as safely as possible. Unfortunately, in most cases this is not the case according to a study of anAmerican research institute.

In this study, various tests are done with headlights of a number of well-known car manufacturers. And it seems that only a handful of manufacturers have reserved an extra budget for optimizing headlights.

Which manufacturers score well and which ones don’t

Below is a list of test results, as you can see, there is only 1 car manufacturer that markets a car with seriously good headlights.

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More light from your headlight?

How can you get more and better light from your “bad quality” headlight? Here are more options. A widely used solution is a stronger halogen lamp, giving you a progression of about 20%.

But if you really want to get more light , you better get a xenon kit or led kit nemen. This brings you 300% more light from your headlights.

Easy to install

To install a xenon or led kit you do not need to be a first class installer. If you can replace the standard light, you could are also capable of replacing it by a xenon or led kit. You do not have to make any drastic adjustments to the headlight. In almost all cases, it’s completely plug-and-play

Installation of a LED Kit

read the complete led kit manual

The research

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