Bi-Xenon in Suzuki Alto 2015 – Customer Review

bi xenon suzuki alto

A new car, at least you may expect the lighting to be good, but nothing is less true. Bad lighting and night blindness, not a good marriage if you ask Andrea. After some online research, Andrea came to us for advice and made her choice for xenon lighting.

Why have you chosen for a Xenon kit?

I bought a beautiful Suzuki Alto in 2015, but I did not even notice the lighting, because I thought it would be good for a new car. But after a few rides in the dark I felt everything except safe. And because I’m night blind, I do not see that much with the standard halogen lamps, so I thought I’d buy a xenon kit because I read a lot of good stories about it.


Night blindness: Halogen vs Xenon – before and after

To give you an idea of what Andrea saw about her standard lighting, we made a beautiful illustration of the difference. Almost literally day and night difference and so many times safer!

xenon vs halogeen

Of course, night blindness can be different for everyone, one sees more than the other, but one thing is for sure, you will feel safer and more confident when you can see better in the dark. That makes driving a lot more enjoyable.

Why xenon and no LED?

Xenon gives the most light for the moment. Because of my night blindness, I can use any extra centimeter I can see. Hence the choice for xenon was easy despite the slightly higher price.

What products have you installed and why?

I have used the H4 Bi xenon kit of Hilox . Because I do not have any knowledge about it, I was advised by a specialist who had the xenon kit installed in no time. We also replaced the city lights, which were first yellow, with beautiful white ledges.

Used products


Geschikt voor alle Suzuki’s

Do you want such a Hilox LED kit in your Suzuki? The Hilox Evolution LED kit fits in any Suzuki, young, old, fat or thin. All you need is a left and a right hand (installing a Xenon kit is very simple!) and a xenon kit in the right fitting. Don’t you know which fitting your Suzuki has? Then check our fitting tool or contact contact us.

How was the installation of the Xenon kit?

According to Hilox’ specialist, it was just a piece of cake. Getting the old lamp out and new lamp in. I was on my way home again in 30 minutes.


suzuki xenon

Suzuki Alto, before and after:

xenon suzuki voor en na

LED city light, before and after:

led stadlicht suzuki


Pro Installation tips: installing H4 Bi Xenon

With some H4 headlights, the cover is exactly against the lamp with the 3-pole plug. In this case, use our deeper sealing caps. This Suzuki has got rubber caps with a diameter of 75mm. This allows you to close the headlight again with a water proof seal. Additionally, the connection is a piece of cake, to make it even easier, you can unscrew the H4 Bi xenon lamp cover to make it easier to mount in the headlight. Place the foot of the lamp with a hat in the headlight, then turn the xenon lamp in.

Installatie H4 Bi xenonkit:

xenon installeren

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