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h4 bi led kit dacia sandero

Unfortunately, we very often see new cars with poor lighting. Annoying, but no disaster if you can easily upgrade the standard lighting with a LED kit. This way you have 3 x more light than with the traditional halogen lamp. This drives a lot more comfortably and gives extra peace to the eye, which also benefits road safety. And the looks are very nice too.

Waarom heb je gekozen voor een LED kit?

Well, first I was looking for better halogen lamps, first I tried the Philips Xtreme vision lamps, some improvement was there but it was not notorious. After 3 months there was already 1 lamp broken so I needed to look for something that is durable again. This way I got acquianted with LED lighting of Hilox and they have advised me which lamp I could take best.

Welke producten heb je geïnstalleerd en waarom?

Since my headlights are equipped with H4 lamps, I installed the Hilox H4 Bi LED kit from the Performance series Because my Dacia has no lamp control on the lights, this LED kit does not cause any malfunctions. And to complete the picture, I have also replaced the T20 lights for my daytime running lights.

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Geschikt voor alle Dacia’s

Do you want such a Hilox LED kit in your Dacia or do you have another brand car? The Hilox LED’s kit fits well in any car, young, old, fat or thin. All you need is a left and a right hand, (a installing a LED kit is very easy!) And a xenon kit in the right fitting. Don’t you know which fitting your car has? Check dan onze fittingzoeker or contact us.

Hoe ging de installatie van de LED kits?

Placing the LED lights itself was done within a few minutes, the H4 foot is easy to loosen so that you can easily put it in the headlight and then turn the LED in. And because the driver of the led just did not fit in the headlight we made a small notch in the rubber housing caps so that the cables easily pass through. Any point of attention is to check that the leds are placed in the headlight. This can also be mounted on the head so that the LEDs in the main light shine part of the headlight, which avoids .

dacia verlichting voor en na


Pro Installation tips: LED kit

1. Before installing the H4 LED kit, you can loosen the lamp’s base from the LED, which makes the installation even easier. You first put the H4 foot into the headlight so you can turn the LED into it.
2. And do you have too little space? Then look at the deeper rubber caps enabling the individual.

installatie H4 LED

Remove the H4 lamp cap from the LED lamp, so you can easily get the lamp in the headlight

H4 led installatie

The copper strips that allow for the cooling of the LED can be easily bent so that they fit neatly into the headlight unit.

dimlicht led h4 koplamp

Make sure that the H4 LED is placed in the headlight in this way


Pro Installatie tip: Dimmed beam with LED

Because the headlamp itself does not change anything except the lamp, you do not have to reset the headlamp in most cases. But nevertheless, it’s wise to see if you do not blind the opponents. Put your car with the standard lighting against a wall and place a line on the line of the light beam with a pencil or pencil. After installing the LEDs, check if this is the same.

h4 dimlicht en grootlicht

led vs halogeen autolampen

H4 Bi led kit

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