LED low beam – Peugeot 208 2016 – Customer Review

LED Dimlicht - Peugeot 208 2016

Interesting customer review with Arno’s extensive photo deployment and its Peugeot 208 from 2016. Complete overview of old light bulbs for beautiful new LED headlamps . Includes short How-To manual.

Why did you choose for a LED kit?

First, to get a better view when driving in the dark, and secondly because there is a LED strip in the headlight. Third, an ugly candle in the dipped beam did not look like it should.

Finally, it pays off because the LED lamp lasts extremely long.

How was the H7 LED kit installed?

asy, the led lamp was in its place. However, I have to adjust the cover, which did not matter.

Used LED Kit


Suitable for all Peugeot models

Do you want such a Hilox LED kit in your Peugeot or do you have another brand car? The Hilox LED’s kit fits in as well as any car, young, old, fat or thin. All you need is a left and a right hand, (a installing a LED kit is very easy) A LED kit in the right fitting. Don’t you know which fitting your car has? Then check our fitting finder or contact us .

What do you think of the final result?

Satisfied. The light image is the same because my headlight has a lens and the LED lamp has exactly the same focal point as the standard bulb, this is the result; Lots of light and better visibility.

led dimlicht peageot 208

led vs halogeen peugeot 208 LED low beam - Peugeot 208 2016 - Customer Review

Do you have any tips about buying and / or installing?

No tips needed. Installing is self-evident and is no more difficult than replacing a light bulb, only the standard cover should fit as shown on the images.


Pro Installation Tips: Install LED Kit

1. To install the H7 LED kit, you can loosen the base of the LED lamp, which makes the installation even easier. You first put the H7 foot into the headlight so that you can turn the LED into it.
2. And do you have too little space? Then, make sure that the deeper rubber housing caps enable installation.

led dimlicht installeren peugeot 208

peugeot 208 led verlichting


Pro Installation Tip: Adjusting LEDs with LED

Because the headlight itself does not change anything except the lamp, you do not have to reset the headlight in most cases. But nevertheless, it’s wise to see if you do not blind your opponents. Put your car with the standard lighting against a wall and place a line on the line of the light beam with a pencil or pencil. After installing the LEDs, check if this is the same.

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