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Such a great beautiful car without good (and beautiful) lighting, that’s very unfortunate. That was the reaction of our customer, owner of this beautiful Porsche Cayenne, as well. LED dimlight upgrade; Is the answer for this car, now the picture is complete!

Why did you choose an LED kit?

I was looking for a lamp that would not only give more light but would also change the look of my Cayenne. I think halogen lighting is old fashioned, looks cheap and certainly does not match with a modern car like a Porsche Cayenne. There should be a nice and tight white fog light. Now I had the choice of Xenon lighting and LED lighting. I have weighed down the advantages and disadvantages of Xenon and LED lighting and chose LED because of the more affordable price and easier installation.

How was the H7 LED kit installed?

The installation was pretty simple actually. Porsche uses an iron fastening clip that secures the original H7 lamp in the headlight unit. This clip also requires you to mount the LED lamp only the inside of the clip is square but the LED lamp is round so this has to be adjusted. A little bit of the inside of the clip must be dragged away to create a round hole where the LED lamp passes through. This is quite simple and is accurate.

Then, remove the removable plastic ring from the LED lamp and remove the rubber ring underneath it. You do not need this rubber ring anymore. The clip will then click on the plastic ring. Before turning this together on the LED lamp, you must first bend the feet on the bottom of the clip with a pliers so that they do not touch the LED lamp.

The clip and the plastic ring will then snap to the LED lamp and you can assemble everything again. I did not have to attach the CANBUS modules.

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Suitable for all Porsche’s

Do you want such a Hilox LED kit in your Porsche, or do you have another brand car? The Hilox LED’s kit fits in as well as any car, young, old, fat or thin. All you need is a left and a right hand, (a installing a LED kit is very easy) and a LED kit in the right fitting. Don’t you know which fitting your car has? Then check our fitting finder or take contact us .

What do you think of the end result?

The LED lights give beautiful white light (not blue) and it’s very chic. The lights are brighter than the halogen lamps but it’s not as bright as I had hoped. This may be possible in future with all developments.

Do you have any tips about buying and/or installing?

The Porsche mounting clip can not be disconnected from the dealer, so be careful with the dremel and do not break it. The Internet Guide is clear, for example, you know what and how to measure everything, so you know when ordering or using the lamps. One tip that I can give up with is that if you are in doubt about your light output, you should definitely try this.

LED dimlicht H7


Pro Installation Tips: Install LED Kit

1. To install the H7 LED kit, you can loosen the base of the LED lamp, which makes the installation even easier. You first put the H7 foot into the headlight so that you can turn the LED into it.
2. And do you have too little space? Then, make sure that the deeper rubber housing caps enable installation.

LED dimlicht installeren porsche

With the Porsche Cayenne you can easily disassemble the headlight, which makes installing children’s play

LED dimlicht voor en na

The difference, above the halogen, below the LED


Pro Installation Tip: Adjusting LEDs with LED

Because the headlight itself does not change anything except the lamp, you do not have to reset the headlight in most cases. But nevertheless, it’s wise to see if you do not blind the oncoming traffic. Put your car with the standard lighting against a wall and draw a line on the line of the light beam with a pencil or pencil. After installing the LEDs, check if this is the same.

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