LED Lighting for in your headlight?

Choose for quality LED’s

We from Hilox have tested  several dimmed beam LED’s  in diverse headlights. We not only see a high price differences but high differences in light output. So, we eventually developed a LED that unites the best of both worlds. High quality for an affordable price with a good light image.

The difference

Below you will see the difference between a lower quality versus a good quality light beam. The top one is our Hilox LED, the bottom a random brand bought on ebay.

You clearly see a tighter beam of light, which makes the intensity much higher and does not blind any opponents.


What makes a good light image?

The secret is in the focal point and the foot of the lamp. If these are identical to the original lamp, the light image is good. Differs this is only a fraction of a millimeter, you get guaranteed stray light and a lower light output.

Below is an example of a led with a good basis.



To ensure the best quality, we only use the best components. The Philips LUXEON Z ES Led’s are only a few millimeters tall and give a very high light output. Also, these leds have won various tests, based on different criteria such as reliability, quality, light beam and heat regulation. More information about this can be read on the Philips site https://www.lumileds.com/lighting-applications/automotive en https://www.lumileds.com/products/high-power-leds/luxeon-z-es


Cooling LED’s

You will be amazed at how hot the leds can be, so the heat must be well removed. We use specially woven strips of red copper. This material ensures perfect heat dissipation and is easy to bend so that the leds fit well in the headlight housing. The builing of our Hilox leds is also made of aluminum, which allows for better heat dissipation.


Order online

Okay, are you convinced? Then you can order the leds online  https://www.hilox.eu/auto-motor-verlichting/led-verlichting/dim-groot-mistlicht

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