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Led lighting for your car, there are countless products for sale on the Internet. Don’t you know what to do? Then read these auto led koopgids. LED’s for cars are there for almost all lamp units, to find out what fitting you need for which unit, we have a handy tool which allows you to find all fittings in a few seconds.

Why should you choose LED and what should you pay attention to? To keep it simple, Hilox distinguishes the leds in 2 groups.

  1. 1. Cars with CAN-bus
  2. 2. Carswithout CAN-bus.
    1. 1. LED for car with CAN-bus

      To get it clear, we first explain what CAN bus is and what it does. CAN bus; Controller Area Network, is a standard for serial data transmission between components. In short, this means that this computer drives the lights and checks whether they are still functioning. Are your lamps broken? Then you will receive a notification of a defective lamp in your dashboard.


      Pro tip: How to check whether you have CAN bus in your car

      Actually, we’ve already spoilt a bit in the previous paragraph. Simply unplug the power of the bulb (for example the dipped beam), then start the car and turn on your lighting. If you can see an error on your dash board, then you have a CAN bus. If you see no message in your car’s dashboard, you do have a CAN bus.

      In order for products to work on cars with CAN bus, these products must be suitable for this purpose. The LEDs must be designed so that the CAN bus on-board computer does not indicate malfunctions and that the LEDs in the car operate without flashing.

      2. LED for cars without CAN bus

      For these cars it is a lot easier, in which you can install all products that are suitable for both cars with and without CAN bus. The operation remains unchanged and you do not need to make any adjustments to your light units.

      LED in different light-units

      You can replace almost any light bulbs in your car for energy efficient and beautiful LED lights. Nowadays, most of the bulbs replaced are the dipped beam, main beam, fog light and more in the list below.

      LED Dimlicht

      LED for dimmed beam

      While Xenon lighting has always been most popular, the arrival of qualitative led lighting has changed the ratio. Over one year, we see the popurity of LED riseLED dimlichten with 30%. And that will be even more if all LEDs can be placed in cars where you need an adapter like the Gulf 6 and Passat 3B. So, the LEDs can not be installed in any car yet, but there will be a change soon.

      Most sold: H7 LED, H4 LED, H11 LED, HIR2 LED


      Pro Installation tip: LED dimmed beam installing

      Installing these LED Fog lights in your car is quite simple. The only thing you need to know beforehand is whether you have enough space (55mm) to put the led in the headlight. If you have enough space here, you will definitely enjoy the light that you get.

      Read the complete LED dimmed beam installation manual.

      When do you use your dimmed beam

      The law indicates that you may be using dimmed light during the daytime. At night the dipped beam is mandatory. The dimmed lights are not required when the fog lights are lit. Do the front fog lights and fog lights burn at the same time? Then there is a chance that the reflection of your own dipped beam will blind you.


      LED Main Light

      Most cars have dipped beam and headlight, and some cars have dim and high light in one lamp. For cars that have dim and high-beam headlamps, there is also the option to place LED in the main light, often H7 and H1. This gives you the advantage that, unlike xenon, the lights are immediately at full strength and also have a beautiful white color. Keep in mind that you need to install a LED kit for both dipped beam and high beam. You can also choose to only use the dipped beam in LED.

      For those cars with headlight and fog light in one lamp it is a lot easier, because special Bi LEDs are available. And available for fittings H4, H13 and HB5.


      Pro tip: Adjust your lighting well

      If you adjust your lighting properly, other road users will not be affected. Many cars have a little wheel in the car that enables you to control the height of the headlights. This way you can adjust them so that if you’re on a dark road you can make it a bit higher so that you almost do not need your main headlight anymore.

      When do you use main light?

      Main (large) light can be used at night as long as you do not blind any uncoming traffic or another vehicle is following at a short distance. You may use large light inside the cities.

      Some fittings/lamps suitable for dim & high beam

      For convenience, we show the images of standard light bulbs, so you can easily recognize your lamp.


      LED Fog light

      There are a number of possibilities for this light unit, you can of course use LED mistlicht but you can also convert them so that you can use them as daylight lighting. Special relais are available for this purpose, so if you turn on the dipped beam, the ‘fog lights’ will dim or go out.

      LED dagrijlampen

      LED Daylight lighting

      Since 2012, manufacturers are obliged to equip cars with daytime running lights, this law is designed to promote road safety. Daylight lighting is seen faster and better, reducing the chance of an accident. Many manufacturers have chosen to use a halogen light bulb for daytime running lights. Not a smart choice, we believe as Hilox. In addition, a white LED is much better visible than a yellow halogen lamp. For this we have someLED daytime running lights available.

      There are also complete daytime running modules available, these universal modules can be easily mounted in the car’s bumper. Please note that the daytime running lights are dimming or off when the dipped beam is turned on.

      LED city light/parking light

      LED Stadslicht

      The LED’s for city light are by far the most ordered accessory in combination with an LED kit or xenon kit. We have a number of fittings in our range including the T10/W5W fitting which occurs most. We also see the fitting BA9S and BA9XS regularly in the city light unit.

      LED knipperlicht

      LED Flashing light

      The light bulbs for your flashing lights are also replaceable by LED. There are countless models of various light intensities and colors available. LEDs directly and indirectly illuminate the mirror glass of the flashing light unit.

      LED kentekenverlichting

      LED Licence plate lighting

      Your license plate must be clearly visible at all times and since the life expectancy of the standard lighting can not be expected, you can replace it with a durable LED. LED Kentekenverlichting are available in various fittings and sizes. The fittings T10 en C5W we see the most often.

      Therefore, LED license plate lights are not only replaced because they are more beautiful, but also because LEDs last up to 15 times longer than standard bulbs.

      LED inside lighting

      LED Inside lighting

      The LEDs for interior lighting are almost no longer considered for the newest cars, so these LEDs not only give the car a more luxurious look, but you also have a lot more light. Very useful if you have to read a booklet or get something out of that deep glove box.

      LED back lights

      LED Achteruitrijverlichting

      Rear driving can be really challenging and it’s important that other road users also see you driving backwards. The LED reversing lights are not only brighter but also better visible. This reduces the chance of a accidents. Reverse LEDs are available in various fittings. For example, the BAU15S and the dual function LED in the BAU15D fitting.

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