Photograph your vehicle like a Pro

Photographing like a pro

Are you crazy about cars or motorcycles and want to learn how to make the best pictures with your smartphone? Please do not read any further;)

Tip 1: Choose your own focus

Your smartphone camera focuses almost automatically in almost all cases. Not very handy, because it focuses at the wrong point. Your smartphone camera makes it difficult to focus in difficult light conditions, which takes time to get the right focus.

You can help your smartphone’s camera by tapping the screen just as shortly as you want to focus on. This gives the camera the ability to focus on it , which ensures the best pictures.

Tip 2: Flash off, light on

The smartphone camera flash is very hard and nobody looks better when using it. Rather turn the default off. The newest iPhones 6s and 6s plus have got a new technique that shines the screen when you take a selfie. It’s a softer form of flash, but still it’s not ideal. Sometimes you do not get rid of its use, but if it does not press: turn off the flash.

foto's maken als een pro

Tip 3: Keep your smartphone camera still!

Whatever camera you use, you notice that there is a slight delay between pressing and the moment the smartphone actually takes a picture. It’s a slight delay, but I regularly see people taking photos that do not take that into account. They click and move their camera away.

In this movement, the photo is still to be taken. Consequence: an unsharp photo. Keep your camera in place for two seconds and then take it away. It will give you brighter photos.

Tip 4: Zoom in? Not done

With the smartphone cameras, it is only possible to zoom in digitally. Either way: the more you zoom in, the fewer pixels your photo captures. It delivers blurred photos with a lot of grains. Try to avoid zooming in.

And if you really can not get closer to your subject, zoom in as little as possible. Or do it afterwards so that you can as accurately as possible determine the extent to which you want to crop your photo.

Tip 5: Create multiple photos

The more photos you make, the greater the chances of a good copy between them. Making pictures with a smartphone costs nothing but battery power. The pictures that are not beautiful, you will just throw away again.

Tip 6: Use the HDR function

If you have an HDR (High Dynamic Range or High Dynamic Range) feature on your smartphone, use it. This increases the chances of a given photo. Your smartphone usually makes 3 images, 1 overexposed, 1 underexposed, and normal. These are then placed over layers so that you get better pictures.


Pro Tip: Use a higher ISO value and shutter speed in dark situations

On some smartphones, you can change settings. This allows you to adjust shutter speed and ISO value so that your smartphone performs better in dark situations. For example, you can photograph your car or motor with the lighting in the dark.

ISO The higher your ISO value, the more light is absorbed by your camera. The only downside to a high ISO value is that you get more noise / grains, so it’s better that you are working with a higher shutter speed. This gives your camera more light. In this case, keep your camera silent, or even better, use a tripod. Otherwise you get pretty grainy pictures.

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