Research LED low beam kits – Do’s and don’ts

Onderzoek LED dimlicht kits Research LED low beam kits - Do's and don'ts

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular, due to the high light output and the economical power consumption. On the internet, lots of information is spread about LED lamps and there are numerous products for sale. As a result, it is very difficult for consumers to know what to do. This blog answers the question you should really pay attention to when looking for LED headlights, so your car will be fitted with the kit that is best for your car.

Onderzoek LED dimlicht kit's - Welke moet ik nu hebben?

First of all, a short introduction of how we have come to this research. As an Industrial Engineering student at TU Eindhoven, I wanted to do an internship at an e-commerce company where innovation is the highest priority. At Hilox, I could also combine that with the passion for light we know from Eindhoven. As I deepened into the subject LED Low beam headlights , it turned out to be very difficult for consumers to make a sensible choice. That is why I have made the most out of TU/e knowledge and experience of Bobby, owner of Hilox. This research answers the question where you should really pay attention to when looking for LED headlights, so your car will be fitted with the kit that is best for your car, motorcylce or truck.

LED Chips

If you want to compare a LED, look first at the led chips that are being used. The LED chip says a lot about quality, durability and the ultimate price. Typically, we encounter 3 type of led chips.

  1. Chip on board: In this type of led, multiple leds are placed on 1 chip. Often, lower and higher quality LEDs are used interchangeably in the chip so that it seems to be fine for the eye, but the quality is a lot lower and the color is often not very great either. These types of LEDs often have a very high light output and are cheap to produce. The disadvantage of these COB led chips is that they do not have a good focal point because of the large surface area, which means that the light image and color are not always as tight or even very bad. Also, life expectancies are often very disappointing. Although they have extremely high light output, the amount of useful light in the headlight is quite limited. You can recognize them on a large yellow surface as shown in the image below.
  2. Cree (single SMD) LED chip: With this LED, all the light comes from 1 LED chip. Cree is a leading manufacturer of LED chips that produces fine quality LEDs that produce high light output for a wide range of applications such as flashlights, automotive lighting and bicycle lights. These LEDs often have a plastic optic that acts as a kind of projector. Now you can wonder if a projector in a headlight projector will deliver the desired result. This is also a good solution but there are better solutions in the market. The disadvantage of the Cree led’s is that the radiation angle is limited, which means that you will have a poor light image faster. We also see a lot of counterfeit Cree leds produced in China.
  3. Philips Lumileds Luxeon Z ES (single SMD) LED chip:This is the latest technology and best quality LED chip with the highest light output. These are minuscule flat led chips, many of which are placed on the led body several times in one row. These led chips are mainly developed for the automotive industry and therefore we do not see them much in other applications. These LED chips are so small that you get the exact size of the filament and position of the halogen lamp focal length. This is very important for getting a perfect light image and the highest light output. There are no further disadvantages for this type of LED. These are the LED chips you can also find on our Hilox LED tail lights.

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    PRO tip; Check the chips

    Before you buy a led for your headlight / dipped beam, take a good look at what LED chips are being used and whether it’s no counterfeit, if one thing China knows about it’s very accurate copycatting of other brands.


    Connectors are available in all types and sizes. To prevent these connectors from being defective, you do not want any unnecessary wires and connectors in your LED kit. In addition, you want the connectors to be absolutely waterproof. Additionally, you want the connectors to be too large. Fortunately, there are also LED kits using high quality connectors. Whatever you want, compact waterproof connectors are already attached to each other. These are similar to audio connectivity

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