Xenon kit – Seat Leon 2005 – Customer review

Xenon Kit - Seat Leon 2005

If you live in an outdoor area, you must be able to rely on good lighting. That’s why Johan chose our new Hilox Evolution 2 xenon kit. A reliable kit that is easy to install and produces a lot of bulk light, more than enough for the illuminated roads in Friesland, Overijssel and Drenthe.

Why did you choose for a xenon kit?

In the previous car I had already built-in xenon, but this was not in my new Seat Leon. My homework route is in Friesland, Overijssel and Drenthe, where the roads are not well illuminated. The standard lamps had far too low light output and xenon is the perfect source of light here for safe driving.

How was the H7 LED kit installed?

In 1 word simple. Also because I’ve done it once before. But the instructions are clear and with the right tools it can not go wrong. Of course, your car must have enough space to close the lamps without mooring and to clean the ballasts neatly.


What do you think of the end result?

Great! 6000K gives much more light output than standard H7 lamps.

seat leon halogeen vs Xenon kit - Seat Leon 2005 - Customer review

Do you have any tips about buying and/or installing?

See how much space you have to clear the ballasts in your car. Take the time here and take this test, so do not immediately remove the double-sided tape. If you want LED, see how much space is available to place the cooler ribs in your headlights.


Pro Installation Tips: Install H7 xenon

In some cases, the flat Evo 2 ballast fits into the headlight as a whole. Make sure that the height adjustment is working properly. And also check the light image. With the halogen lamps draw the light dark partition on the wall or garage door, this drawing must be the same after the installation of the xenon kit.

xenon montage seat


Pro Installation Tip: Adjusting LEDs with LED

Because the headlight itself does not change anything except the lamp, you do not have to reset the headlight in most cases. But nevertheless, it’s wise to see if you do not blind the oncomming traffic. Put your car with the standard lighting against a wall and place a line on the line of the light beam with a pencil or pencil. After installing the LEDs, check if this is the same.

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