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How do I install a Hilox LED kit

Does the Hilox LED fit into my headlight? Tip: Measurement is know

Always check if you have enough space in the headlight unit before ordering the led kit . This ensures that the installation can be completed without any problems.

The LEDs require a minimum of 45mm space for trouble-free installation. For H4 this is 55mm. If eventually there is too little room for the installation, take a look at our alternative in the field of xenon. We recommend the Hilox Evolution xenon kits .

Well measured?

If you know if you have enough space, it's about half an hour to build the LED.

What fitting is in my headlight?

If you do not know which fitting is in your headlight please consult our fitting finder or find the appropriate fitting in the car, engine or truck maintenance manual.

When do I install the CAN bus module (s)?

We recommend first installing the LEDs without the CAN bus modules, then start the engine of the vehicle and turn on the lighting. Does the kit work without errors or malfunctions? Then you do not have to install the CAN bus modules. If you get an error message or do not work properly, install the CAN bus modules (the modules) only with the Evolution LED kits.

Most sold: H7 LED , H4 LED , H11 LED , HIR2 LED

Follow our roadmap

1. Remove the headlight cover and measure the distance from the base of the lamp to the cover. If this is more than 45mm then the LED fits without problems (with H4, H13 and HB5, this is 55mm).

If you have less than 45mm space, check if one of our rubber sealing caps is an option to put the LED in place. These are available in different diameters. If you do not have a round cover, then the 52mm hood hood is a great alternative, because you can apply it to almost any housing / cover.

2. Remove the standard light bulb from the headlamp

3. Connect the LED to the power of the dipped beam, main beam or fog lamp.

4. Turn on the lights and check that the LEDs are functioning properly and no defective message appears on the dashboard. If this is the case, place the supplied CAN bus modules (these are only supplied with Evolution kits).

5. With various fitting sizes, eg H7, it is convenient to remove the first foot of the LED fitting and place it in the headlight, then tighten it and turn the LED back in.

6. If the led is installed, bend the copper strips in place so that the cover can be back in place.

Important! If the LED is fully installed, open the copper cooling strips as much as possible. This allows the heat to drain well and the LEDs become less hot. This action will promote the life of the LED lamps. This last step applies only to the L1 LEDs. On L1 LEDs where the cooling is not fully flared, we can not guarantee.

Do you have an H4 fitting? The H4 lamps fit in 2 ways, and are only installed in one way. When you place the lamp, the "thicker side" of the LED lamp is on the bottom. If you do not do this, the LED kit shines up and blinds your opponents.

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L2 LED kits – 3200 Lumen per lamp

L1 LED kits – 2800 Lumen per lamp

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